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About us

Partnerzy, new standard of a real estate agency.

          Partnerzy Realty is a company launched in 1996, providing services in the real estate field in its broad sense. 
          We are a company with many years of practice united the Wielkopolska Association of Real Estate Agents (www.wspon.pl); we are a member of the Polish Real Estate Federation (www.pfrn.pl) as well. We are one of the first companies in Poland which signed the Client’s Rights Charter of the Polish Real Estate Federation. The Chart usage in our office means that companies ready to offer services at the top level either on their own or cooperating with other companies are presented to the client.  Additionally, those companies are subjected to the “consumers-federation” performance quality control. We assist you with our knowledge, data of the real estate market and experience connected with purchase, sale and lease of all types of property. Furthermore, we guarantee you comfort, honesty, complex service and security of the transactions conducted. 
          We cooperate with investment advisers, banks, lawyers, notaries and insurance companies in order to guarantee our clients the best and complete service.
          We bank on high quality of the tasks performance, professionalism and reliability. We put any effort to make our clients satisfied with our service.
          We posses insurance for our actions, we have profession licenses, we are trained on regular basis and we continuously improve the quality of our work. We always try to adjust to the needs and requirements of our clients.
          We collaborate on the basis of good cooperation with about one hundred and eighty real estate agents from Poznań and other cities, at the same time (being at your disposal) we enable you wide access to our offers. There is always an updated offer placed on our web site www.partnerzy.com.pl. We are also present at different Internet portals connected with real estate: www.partnerzynieruchomosci.gratka.pl, www.nieruchomosci.222.pl and www.dom.gazeta.pl; our announcements and advertisements appear in local press and in real estate publications.

Partnerzy Realty
is a new standard for real estate agencies.

  • We are always at your disposal
  • We adjust to the individual needs of every client
  • We advise, consult, discuss
  • We help to acquire essential documents needed to accomplish transactions
  • We check properties legal conditions and actual situation
  • We supervise transactions in a thorough way from A to Z
  • We cooperate with other real estate agencies and other specialists who support the transaction process on the market
  • We present only updated, checked offers
  • We present offers in fully professional way, using different promotion channels, professional programs and techniques



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